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Why Is My Air Conditioner in West Palm Beach, FL, Freezing Up?

Air Conditioner Freezing Up

Your air conditioner should keep your home in West Palm Beach, FL, cool and comfortable without issues. However, if your AC system is freezing up, it could indicate a more significant internal problem. Here’s why residential air conditioners freeze up:

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant in your air conditioner can lead to freezing due to the pressure drop it causes within the system. This low pressure makes the refrigerant evaporate too quickly, significantly decreasing the temperature. Consequently, moisture in the air surrounding the evaporator coil can freeze, making your system freeze up. Preventive air conditioning maintenance can help you avoid this issue and keep your home comfortable.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow in your AC system often results from a dirty air filter or obstructed supply vent. When the system’s airflow is inefficient, the temperature of the evaporator coil can drop below freezing. Moisture from the humid air then accumulates on the coil.

Damaged Blower Fan

The blower fan in your AC system plays a crucial role in maintaining airflow across the evaporator coil, which aids in efficiently cooling your home. When the blower fan malfunctions, it can lead to poor airflow. This causes the moisture from the surrounding air to accumulate on the coil and freeze. Schedule an air conditioning repair to have a service technician check the blower fan and ensure it’s operating as it should.

Blocked Condensate Drain

Water can’t exit the air conditioner when the drain line blocks. As a result, it begins to back up into the system, potentially freezing on the evaporator coil. This blockage is often a result of dirt or algae build-up, which can clog the line over time. If left unchecked, the frozen condensation can severely hinder the air conditioner’s ability to cool your home effectively and may lead to significant damage within the system.

If your AC system is freezing, address it immediately. We have the expertise to help keep your home cool and comfortable. Contact Temperature Control Solutions to schedule a prompt AC repair in or around West Palm Beach, FL. We’re available 24/7, 365 days/year.

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